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Magneto's Bob Reardon discusses the Variohm with Sound on Sound at Summer Namm 2009
01/18/2012 VariOhm reviewed by Sound on Sound - A nice in depth review, and recommends the VariOhm as a great accessory to your preamps and microphones.
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10/05/2011 VariOhm reviewed by & includes audio examples. They ask "At a price that is far below almost any other quality piece of gear you can add to your rack, why not have this additional tone-shaping tool?!"
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9/07/2011 VariOhm Manual now available in German
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9/01/2011 Magneto Welcomes New Distributors
See our Dealer page for more info.

7/22/2011 Summer NAMM
VariOhm - Shout out from Nashville!

THE EVERYTHING AUDIO NETWORK REVIEWS The Magneto Audio Labs VariOhm - And it's a big thumbs up!! See the full story at VariOhm Review


09/08/2010 - Magneto Audio Labs is proud to announce that the Variohm has arrived! See the purchase page for details on how you can be one of the first to own this groundbreaking product.

09/02/2010 - The release of the VariOhm is quickly approaching. The VariOhmn allows you to get new sounds out of the gear you already own by controling the impedance relationship between your mic and preamp.